WATCH: Nate Appleman Body Checks Marcel Vigneron Into A Fridge On Next Iron Chef

The most awkward moment of last night’s Next Iron Chef: Redemption was obviously Spike Mendelsohn’s decision to cook a bacon dish to represent his competitor Chef Jehangir Mehta which, for obvious and Hindu reasons, was totally embarrassing. (He maintains he wasn’t cooking “someone’s beliefs” and yet… still awkward.) The most hilarious and GIFable moment, however, was Nate Appleman going full-on Bash Brothers on Marcel Vigneron.

After being charged with the task of cooking a dish which channeled the essence of a fellow competitor, Marcel and Nate both lunged towards the refrigerator for the single truffle they both knew was inside. Marcel wanted to use it to represent Alex Guarnaschelli’s regal quality, while Nate wanted it to represent Eric Greenspan’s over-indulgence. (For the record, Eric wound up going home later on the fatal error of trying to make a savory dish with breakfast cereal.)

Needless to say, while Marcel’s tiny body was slammed against the fridge, his wily fingers caught hold of the precious truffle first. Nate asked if he could borrow some and Marcel was all “…No, bro. You can’t.” (That’s a direct quote.)

As Alton Brown wisely points out, “Food doesn’t like violence.” Play peacefully, boys. And check out the clip below.

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