Nice Guy Dominique Ansel Hands Out Roses to Cronut Line

Today, we don’t hate the Cronut so much, because pastry chef Dominique Ansel did a very nice thing and handed out roses to the crowd of people lining up outside his shop this morning.

“More than 100 here waiting for something special,” he tweeted, along with the above photo of him standing outside in the snow with dozens of red roses.

Not only is this a sweet thing to do, it’s also a shrewd business strategy: Ansel proves that he’s an upstanding dude, and the people standing in line for Valentine’s Day gift cronuts don’t have to go flower-shopping! Hooray for one-stop shopping on Valentine’s Day.

But really, isn’t the cronut the ultimate expression of love? Two pastries, seemingly incompatible, joined together by circumstance and a bit of pastry magic? Wait, it’s only the plot of a romantic comedy.

[h/t Eater NY]

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