WATCH: Our Newest Crush, Nick Anderer, Made Us Abbachio Al Forno

Man, CBS’ The Dish really kills us. Why? Because they invite the most adorable chefs to be on the show, who look adorably out of place and almost uncomfortable on TV, and make us believe that these adorable men can some day wake us up on a Saturday with amazing food. (And then we realize they have wives, so that dream is quickly crushed.)

Still, we loved seeing Maialino’s executive chef, Nick Anderer, talk about traditional Roman dishes, working his way from an art history college program to New York City kitchens, and serving Korean food on Thanksgiving day to his hardworking staff. But our most favorite part of the interview is when he talks about being baffled by the word “foodie”:

“It’s weird, because if you talk to an Italian, or try to describe to an Italian the word ‘foodie,’ they’d be puzzled… You say ‘It’s someone that lives and breathes food everyday,’ and they say, ‘That’s everybody.’ That doesn’t really exist out there.

In New York City now, there are so many great restaurants, and the culture of food is so alive, that it’s kind of the same — there’s no separation between food and the everyday person. Everyone loves to eat, right?”

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