Nigella Calls Bourdain A ‘Liar’, Declares Herself A ‘Pathetic’ Drinker

We all know Anthony Bourdain doesn’t lack for experience in the drinking department, and his partner-in-Taste-judging-crime, Nigella Lawson, doesn’t seem like the type to turn down a cocktail or seven, so we were surprised to see her describe her drinking habits as “pathetic” — and call Bourdain a liar for lauding them.

After revealing her drink of choice (an Americano — the boozy kind) to LA-based food and drink blog Caroline on Crack, Lawson caveats.

I’m not a committed enough drinker whatever Tony [Bourdain] says. He’s spreading lies about me, says I can outdrink everyone. I’d be drunk too soon. So since the Americano isn’t very alcoholic, you can knock a lot of them back. I feel a bit pathetic like it’s the girl’s Negroni, so I feel it’s a bit pathetic. But I love it.”

As for the Negroni, Bourdain’s drink of choice, he warns:

“They’re deadly. You really have to be careful with them. If you drink two Negronis before a meal, with any kind of wine drinking during a meal, you’re gonna have a problem getting up from the table. They pack a punch. But they keep me honest. I learned my lesson as far as drinking more than two. They’re delicious.”

Cheers to that.

[Caroline on Crack]

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