Nigella Lawson Is A Potential Ice Princess For UK’s Dancing On Ice

Daaaaaamn, girl. Nigella Lawson, you’re looking so, so fly after losing three stone (42 pounds in Amurrica weight), and now you’ve been spotted by the Daily Record auditioning for the British TV show, Dancing On Ice (which is like Dancing With The Stars but with ice skates and posh accents).

We don’t care if your weight loss came from being bedridden after an unsexy bunion operation! You’re reaching for your dreams, if they involve ice skating on national television, and that’s what’s most important. (You’re also reaching for a really old show that saw its worst ratings ever during the last season, and is, according to DigitalSpy, dangerously close to getting axed, but whatever! You get to wear pretty costumes and skate!)

The Record reports that Lawson was spotted at auditions with plenty of other British celebs that we would probably recognize if we were British, but since none of them have a show in the US with Anthony Bourdain, we don’t know people like Winter Olympian Amy Williams, television gardener Diarmuid Gavin, or footballer Glenn Hoddle.  (Though we do have to applaud the Britishness of their names.)

[The Daily Record via Eater]

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