Nigella Lawson Barred from Entering US for Admitted Drug Use

The Daily Mail reported yesterday that the notorious arsonist, drug lord and jaywalker known as Nigella Lawson was barred entry into the United States yesterday, which is a good thing, because America would never allow a bad, evil person like Nigella Lawson into the US.

Psych. Nigella Lawson did none of those things. Nigella Lawson only admitted to occasional drug use back in December. But the part where she was banned from entering the US is completely true.

According to the Mail, Lawson attempted to board a flight to Los Angeles from Heathrow Airport in London, when she was turned away by British Airways staff. The Mail noted that due to her admissions during the trial of her personal assistants, the US had likely denied her visa (which they’ve done previously with British celebrities who admit to doing drugs).

Though Lawson hasn’t given a statement yet, her Taste co-host Anthony Bourdain sure did:

[h/t The New York Post]

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