Nigella Lawson, Charles Saatchi And The 60-Second Divorce Hearing

It’s no surprise that Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi chose to duck out of their divorce hearing in London High Court today. After Charles was photographed apparently choking Nigella in public, he received a caution from Scotland Yard, the pair separated, Nigella moved out, Charles blamed her for the whole thing, and then announced — via tabloid! — that they were divorcing. (Although, court documents showed that Nigella was the one who filed for divorce.) Since all this went down very publicly and in the span of about a month, the court room was obviously teeming with reporters, and we can’t blame the couple for fast-tracking their divorce.

Just how fast did they track it? Neither even took a minute to show up to court for the preliminary hearing, and in 60-seconds flat the judge granted a “decree nisi,” meaning their application for divorce has been approved. Boom. That fast. In six weeks a “decree absolute” will be granted, formally terminating the marriage, and giving the pair legal permission to continue not showing up for shit.

Nigella has reportedly moved to the States for the time being, in anticipation of taping Season 2 of The Taste.


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