Nigella Lawson Hires Paul McCartney’s Frighteningly Competent Divorce Lawyer, Who Happens To Be Her Cousin

Remember Nigella Lawson’s ex-husband Charles Saatchi? The guy who choked her in public, then blamed her for making him choke her in public and preemptively filing for divorce after the public overwhelmingly sided with Nigella? Such scumbag strategies can only be dealt with using The Big Guns, and it seems that Nigella’s got a pretty powerful secret weapon on her side: The Sun reports that she’s retained high-profile divorce lawyer (and her cousin!) Fiona Shackleton. 

In England, Nigella’s very own Matthew Crawley boasts the nickname “The Doyenne of Divorce” and has represented Prince Charles, Madonna, and Paul McCartney — and she’s very good at pissing off her clients’ exes:

In 2008, she argued Macca’s ex was only entitled to a tiny fraction of the £125million she was seeking.

The judge awarded Mills £24.3million — prompting the enraged model to stand up and throw water over the lawyer’s head.

Shackleton emerged from the court with her famously bouffant blonde hairdo wet and slicked back.

What an awesome cousin! Aslo, she’s related to Antarctic explorer Robert Shackleton through marriage, which is badass. And she’s not as hated as Matthew Crawley. Good signs all around.

[The Sun UK]

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