WATCH: Nigella Lawson in Talks to Address Drug Scandal on Oprah

To quote our precise reaction when we learned that Nigella Lawson is in talks to do Oprah early next year, where she will address her drug allegations and divorce from last summer: “AHHHHH. AHHHH. AHHHHHH.”

Nothing is confirmed yet, but sources close to Nigella — according to a British gossip rag, so, you know, grain of salt — say that she’s seeking to start over in The States as her career takes off here, and she thinks that clearing the air via Oprah is the best way to endear herself to an American audience.

Nigella is both brilliant, and correct about this. #TeamNigella #AlsoTeamCommonSense #BecauseReallyThisIsNotTheFaceOfATenYearCocaineAbuser

Check out the report via The Today Show below.

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