Ludo Lefebvre To Nigella Lawson: ‘You Want A Guy To Take You Like, Hard, And Not Be Gentle With You?’

Why is Nigella Lawson sprawled across this dressing room couch backstage at The Taste like it’s a chaise lounge and she’s the last remaining woman on earth sexy enough to play Cleopatra? Why is Ludo Lefebvre taunting fate by joining her on said couch as a married man? Why are there no less than three bottles of wine on the coffee table before them? Why are Brian Malarkey and Anthony Bourdain’s fratty guffaws interrupting this sexy moment?

What on earth possessed Ludo to ask Nigella “Sexy Cannoli” Lawson, and we quote: “You want a guy to take you like, hard, and not be gentle with you?”

One guess as to Nigella’s answer.

One guess as to Ludo’s response.

Thankfully, Anthony Bourdain captured and distributed this moment for all to see, and by “see,” we mean “use as foreplay when things are getting a little stale.”

You’ve been warned. Check it out below.


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