What Style Advice Did Nigella Lawson’s Mother Give From Her Deathbed?

We’re no strangers to Nigella Lawson’s accounts of her fractured relationship with her mother Vanessa Salmon, whom she once called “deranged.” So is it really a surprise to us that the socialite was still imparting bits of style wisdom upon her daughter on her deathbed?

The pair made up after a long period of estrangement a few years before Vanessa died, right after she had been diagnosed with cancer. Said Nigella of her greatest achievement to Huffington Post Style:

“When my mother was on her deathbed, she told me, ‘Darling, whatever you do in life, nothing will ever match the achievement of being tall.’ I’m around 5’7″ in a family of short women. She liked to say I did it through willpower.”

Our hearts. They melt. Also, there might be a few height-related inferiority complexes floating around. But mostly, we’re heart-warmed.

[Huffington Post]

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