WATCH: Nigella Lawson Declares Anthony Bourdain The Next Bond Villain

Our favorite sexual cannoli Nigella Lawson sassed on over to The Chew today to demo a bloody vampire steak with creamed spinach, because it’s literally physically impossible for her to cook an unsexy dish. No, really. It’s been proven. By science. And her killer curves. Anyway.

On her appearance, conversation made its way to The Taste, and while Nigella liberally complained about Malarkey and Ludo’s bickering, both she and Mario Batali commented on Anthony Bourdain’s remarkable calm.

“He’s either drinking cocktails or something [backstage],” Mario joked. “He’s getting very Bond these days, I must say. And I’m totally digging him as Bond.”

“Forget Javier Bardem,” Nigella agreed. “[Tony’s] the next Bond villain.”

…And then all of the fangirls everywhere died.

Check out Nigella’s two-part demo below.

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