Nigella Lawson Wears A Bra And Nothing Else To Run On The Treadmill

In a new interview to be published by Red Magazine, Nigella Lawson reveals a few things that just puzzles us — not in a bad way, mind you, but in a “How the hell do you do that?!” kind of way. Speaking to a reporter (and paraphrased in the Telegraph, since the actual interview is not online yet) Lawson described her workout plan thusly:

“I’ve got a treadmill upstairs. I lock the door so no-one can come in. I just wear a bra and a pair of trainers and I play very loud music – disco and 1980s – and sing.”

Dear Nigella: we’re genuinely confused. How do you do that? Are you wearing pants of some sort along with your bra, or are you running pants-less? Are you running almost-naked? And if you are, what 80’s songs are good for running while naked? (Our vote is for Journey’s classic stadium-rock hit “Separate Ways”.) 

Discombobulation aside, we also learn in this gorgeous Annie Leibowitz-esque fantasy Christmas slideshow that Nigella’s dream gown is the silvery-pink Vivienne Westwood dress she’s wearing, with one caveat: “I suppose I could wear it barefoot in the kitchen – but I really don’t want to get turkey gravy on it. So my wish is also that the dress is a magical one, and never gets stained.”

[Red Magazine via The Telegraph]

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