Nigella Lawson & Husband Seek ‘Swift, Amicable’ Divorce After Public Choking Incident

The Nigella Lawson/Charles Saatchi divorce will, as the old dissolution of marriage saying goes, be easy, breezy, and beautiful, or “swift and amicable”, the couple has actually said.

After grabbing his sobbing wife by the throat in public over dinner one day, Charles Saatchi came out with a statement saying the incident was nothing but a “playful tiff”, Nigella moved out anyway, prompting her art collector husband to announce that he was filing for divorce via tabloid because she hadn’t stepped up to defend him after the public choking. (Did you forget about how charming this story was? We know. Us too.)

Along with announcing that they were pursuing the so-called “swift and amicable” divorce proceedings to be finalized by July 31st, the couple released a statement saying, “neither party will be making any financial claims against the other.”

So amicable! Except for the domestic violence part.

[AP via CBS News]

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