WATCH: Judge in Nigella Lawson Suit Slams British PM For Declaring Himself #TeamNigella

First of all: of course British Prime Minister David Cameron aggressively fanboy-ed over foxy sassafras Nigella Lawson when asked about her by Spectator. He is a heterosexual male with eyes in his faceholes. Said the Prime Minister on Tuesday, oh-by-the-way, in the middle of a huge court proceeding involving Lawson:

“I’m a massive fan…I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting her a couple of times, and she always strikes me as a very funny and warm person, but I’m also an amateur cook and I like her recipes. Nancy [Cameron’s nine-year-old daughter] and I sometimes watch a bit of Nigella on telly. Not in court, I hasten to add.”

Easy there, tiger. We’re sure she doesn’t actively despise your company, either.

This pathetic enthusiastic puppy-dogging by a public official peeved Judge Robin Johnson, overseeing the trial, especially once defense tried to have the case thrown out on the grounds that jurors wouldn’t be able to weigh it fairly if the freakin’ Prime Minister is hashtagging #TeamNigella. She instructed jurors to dismiss the comments made by the Cameron in the following statement, made in court today:

“It is of regret when people in public office comment about a person who is involved in trial which is in progress…The defendants feel aggrieved as the comments, although they do not specifically deal with matters in this trial, are favorable to Miss Lawson.

The fact that the defense may feel aggrieved is not without justification — you will realize that what public figures say can have no bearing on the issues that you have to decide. I’m sorry that much court time has been taken up on this topic, and I make it clear that it is not the fault of the defense for making me aware of the large amount of material.”

Nice try, sneaky Grillo sister defense attorneys. See more from Today’s coverage of the case below.

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