No One Act Surprised: Your Chipotle Order May Be What’s Killing You

Come on now — did you actually think that your sour cream and cheese-laden steak burrito was that much better for you than a Big Mac?

The New York Times took a sample of Chipotle orders from Grubhub and found exactly what we probably always knew when we asked for both cheese and sour cream (oh, and don’t forget the extra quac): your Chipotle order is super unhealthy. Like, 1,000+ calories unhealthy. Like a Big Mac probably looks good in comparison. (Do you think McDonald’s is having a f*cking field day right now? Probably.) From the New York Times:

The histogram above shows the distribution of calories for all orders. The spike around 1,000 calories represents “standard” burrito orders – a meat burrito with typical additions: cheese, salsa, lettuce, sour cream, rice and beans. If you order a meat burrito at Chipotle with these toppings, it’s very likely to reach 1,000 calories.

Sure, the Times says, some people do order some meals under 1,000 calories. (The lesson to be learned: always say no to the cheese.) But not really. Oh, and it gets better! “Most orders at Chipotle give you a close to a full day’s worth of salt (2,400 milligrams) and 75 percent of a full day’s worth of saturated fat.”

Maybe kale is looking better and better.

[The New York Times]

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