Anthony Bourdain Shares Your Clip Show Outrage Over Last Night’s No Reservations

Did last night’s episode of No Reservations: The Final Tour — a.k.a. the third clip show in Anthony Bourdain’s swansong season — really, really, really piss you off? Okay, stop lying. We can tell it did by the caccio e pepe in your fridge right now that you were inspired to drunk-cook at 10pm after watching the episode. We can see the leftovers. They’re right there. (We’re everywhere.)

You don’t have to feel bad about your rage, because it really, really, really pissed Anthony Bourdain off, too. He tweeted today in response to the episode, “So pissed about 3 clip shows in one, tiny, final season! #TravelChannelFail”

The sentiment inspired 190 retweets and counting.

In spite of the fact that last night’s clip show was cleverly organized under the theme “The Seven Deadly Sins,” (caccio e pepe from the Rome episode, for those of you who haven’t caught up yet, was filed under lust), everyone’s up in arms over the fact that, with only 10 episodes in the final season of No Rez, it’s totally wasteful for the network to put out a show of old clips when there is a chance for new material to be shown.

“Seems like they’re not taking the break up well?” one fan astutely tweeted back to Bourdain about Travel Channel.

As much as we appreciated re-watching Anthony Bourdain being bled like a pig in a Finnish sauna, we’re pretty much in agreement with all of the above statements.


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