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Noma Kills Food Voyeur Boners by Installing Buffer Garden Between Street and Windows

Not to have their personal space invaded by overreaching US Presidents, Rene Redzepi and the folks at Noma have installed a buffer garden to prevent jealous onlookers from staring inside the windows at its diners.

Whereas, previously, cobblestones led up to the floor-to-ceiling windows in Copenhagen’s one-time claim to Best Restaurant in the World, it’s now protected by a buffer garden consisting of a “rugged landscape of evergreen plants from Scandinavia and lava stones from Iceland. Based on the Nordic terroir, it is designed to mirror the cuisine found inside.” Diners who patiently spent their two years on the waiting list for a reservation can now enjoy eating their ants and moss in peace, without nosy, puppy-eyed onlookers outside sadly, silently watching them.

[The Guardian h/t Grub Street]

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