comScore Noma Co-Founder to Open Nordic Food Hall in Grand Central

Noma Co-Founder to Open Nordic Food Hall in Grand Central, Giving Anthony Bourdain a Run for His Money

It’s a food hall-off: Anthony Bourdain’s “street food market” or Noma co-founder Claus Meyers’ Nordic Food Hall? We can’t wait to run these markets (and effectively go broke trying to eat everything).

Grubstreet says the Nordic establishment will “a complex of retail establishments and restaurants, including a fine-dining option, planned for several thousand square feet of space in Grand Central Terminal” (more specifically, the Vanderbilt Terminal). If all is approved (the New York Times reports that it’s still in a proposal phase), it would be a grand undertaking that could open in as little as two years.

Meyers also shares that the free-standing food stands will be a “Nordic concept” but won’t rely too heavily on imported food, trying to be local and all that jazz. So we’re just going to sit back and wait for the day that New York is one giant food hall opened by various famous chefs.

[Grubstreet h/t The New York Times]

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