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Non Cook Book Review: Don’t Read “Sir White House Chef”

Are you interested in learning about what it’s like to be the chef at the white house? Do you want intimate and sometimes scandalous details about what really goes on behind closed doors at The United States’s most famous house?

So do we. But, you won’t find them in the new “tell all” book by Ronnie Seaton.

Seaton, a 62-year old who says he won a Purple Heart in Vietnam and spent 21 days as a prisoner of war, has a Medal of Freedom, and that Queen Elizabeth II loved his cooking so much he knighted him, claims he has the scoop- and his stories certainly are juicy.

He wrote a book which came out earlier this month, saying that he’s been the White House Chef since Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The book is 350 pages long and features a ton of gossip about his “32 years” of cooking at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. According to the New York Post, Seaton writes that George W. Bush was a heavy drinker and pot smoker during his tenure in office, and he had a one night stand with Condoleezza Rice. He also claims to provide details about the meal Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky enjoyed before they did or did not have sexual relations.

The Post did their research and learned that he never worked for the White House. It’s unclear whether the rest of his bio is true. He stands by his claims though, and wasn’t ruffled when Larry Getlen of The Post told him about The White House records – or lack thereof.

Do you believe him? We don’t. Stay tuned for updates as they come up!


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