Tips And Tricks From Nora Ephron’s Secret, Unpublished Cookbook

Please do not fall upon your fainting couches when you read this LA Times article revealing the secrets of Nora Ephron’s unpublished cookbook, for it bears shocking news: she not only tolerated, but supported the idea of buying premade food.

Ephron’s self-published cookbook, given only to her friends and family, reveals another side of her legendary kitchen prowess: the side that championed simple, unfussy recipes designed to get people cooking their own meals — some of them with descriptive names like “Famous Potato Thing”. Some of them even came from other famous writers; there’s something happily absurd about the idea of Joan Didion making a “Mexican Chicken Thing”.

But she also says something that would make Sandra Lee cackle in vindication: “I am also a big believer in buying delicious things that you are either truthful about (because if people love what they’re eating, they have a huge amount of respect for you for simply finding good food) or of course, passing them off as something you made.”

Then again, when you’re a fantastically busy post-feminist writer lady who also loves throwing faaaaabulous dinner parties, you don’t have time for things like making pie crust from scratch. And god forbid that you try making your own fried chicken if you’re not a seasoned pro: “Everyone loves fried chicken. Don’t ever make it. Ever. Buy it from a place that makes good fried chicken.”

[LA Times.]

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