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Here Are a Bunch of NYC Restaurants That Are Way Better Than Chipotle

By now, you’ve definitely heard. To be honest, you’ve probably heard way too much. Chipotle is out. First, it was the whole e.coli and Norovirus thing, which was bad enough. Then, it was salmonella. Now, it’s the terrible earnings, and let’s not forget about the lawsuit shareholders filed against execs.

This is very bad news for Chipotle addicts, but have no fear: believe it or not, there is other great fast-casual food around. We’ve come up with 10 places for you to have lunch instead:

1. Taqueria Diana

It doesn’t have to be Tuesday to enjoy these #alpastor and #pollo #tacos. :@hangrywithcurls

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If you can’t live without your burrito fix, Taqueria Diana is your best bet. They press their tortillas fresh for every taco, and they also serve a roast chicken and salads. But that’s not what you’re here for. Stick with burritos, nachos, and tacos. The burrito starts at $8.27, which is exactly the same price as Chipotle’s, and guacamole is only $1.38 extra, so you actually net out a little better. Plus, your taste buds will thank you.

2. Superiority Burger

Superiority Burger is relatively new to the scene, and they’re changing the veggie burger game by making something you actually want to eat instead of a burger that “tastes sort of like meat but worse.” Plus, you can get a burger and a side for $10. Go liberally.

3. Taim Falafel

Perfect taïming and beautiful photo by @channingkainna. Have you tried our jalapeño corn soup yet?

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Taim is the best falafel to exist outside Israel, bar none. They’ve got permanent locations in the West Village and NoLita and a food truck that will not come to my office despite many desperate e-mails. Seriously. Their falafel and hummus sandwiches are amazing, and so is the sabich, and you can definitely get out of there for less than $10, though you may not want to because you’ll want all the side salads and the lemonade.

4. The Pennsy

(The best part is bathing it in chili lobster sauce before each and every bite.) @lobster_press A photo posted by The Pennsy (@thepennsy) on

If you work in the neighborhood we lovingly call “SHAPS” (sh*t around Penn Station), you no longer have an excuse to be eating bad food for lunch. The Pennsy is now here and it’s fully awesome. There’s something for your vegan friend, your carnivore friend, your coworker who is obsessed with anything lobster, and your health-food-obsessed friend. If you haven’t been there yet, run, do not walk.

5. Fuku

Fuku is David Chang’s take on the fried chicken sandwich. That’s all you need to know. It’s less healthy than Chipotle at its best, but is far, far healthier than E. Coli. So…you decide.

6. Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods is delicious and cheap. Get the spicy cumin lamb noodles, or really any of the noodles on their menu. The people who sit near you at work may be annoyed but really they hate you cause they ain’t you.

7.  Taste of Persia

كشك بادمجان

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Yes, you have to walk into a mediocre-bad pizza joint to get to it, but trust us (and any of the other articles written about how amazing this place is). Taste of Persia is the real deal. Much better than any burrito bowl.

8. Souvlaki GR

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Located on the Lower East Side and open late, Souvlaki GR is popular for post debauchery munchies. But don’t sleep on it because the food is awesome whether you’re drunk or not.

9. Meat Hook Sandwich Shop

Return of the Chop Cheese. #themeathook #meathooksandwich #sandwich

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Brooklyn, we haven’t forgotten about you. Meat Hook is a whole animal butcher shop in Brooklyn, and the sandwiches are excellent. Get the Italian.

10. Caracas Arepa Bar

If you’ve never had an arepa before, Caracas Arepa Bar is definitely your spot. It’s super authentic and pretty easy on the wallet. Go for the arepas but don’t sleep on the Empanadas. They’re great, too.

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