NYPD Wants to Ban Santa Con; This Almost Makes Up For Stop and Frisk

Santa Con 2013 is scheduled for December 14th, but the NYPD has issued a formal request to Midtown Manhattan bars, discouraging them from participating in the annual crawl, featuring approximately 300,000 day-drunk people dressed up as Santas, elves, Mrs. Clauses, and slutty Santas, slutty elves, and slutty Mrs. Clauses.

“Having thousands of intoxicated partygoers roam the streets urinating, littering, vomiting and vandalizing will not be tolerated in our neighborhood,” Lt. John Cocchi wrote in a letter sent to bars in his precinct. “It is my recommendation that you do not sponsor this event in any way.”

He claims that each bar he gave notice to agreed not to be a sponsored stop on the bar crawl, and to turn away any Con attendees. Last year’s after party host Stage 48 also said they turned down organizers when approached to host the after party again this year.

At this point, organizers are laying low, planning to release the locations for holiday cheer obnoxiousness a few days before the event, in an effort to prevent a shutdown.

For the love of god.

[New York Post]

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