7 Restaurants You Should Eat At… While Obamacare Can Still Protect You From Your Gluttony

As the 2012 presidential election goes into the final stretch, one of the biggest fights is over Obama’s universal health care act, which Republicans have vowed to repeal after the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional. But no matter what your political ideology, you have to admit that for the moment, preexisting conditions won’t bar you from getting insurance, you can eat crazy amounts of food and still be covered by health care plans for the next few months! (Yes, yes, personal responsibility and let’s not encourage overeating, but this is AMURRICA and we do what we want.)

Either way, the prospect of eating at these restaurants — and we know you’d prefer to stretch your healthcare’s limits at these restaurants rather than at a chain, because you are a true gourmand — is a bit more palatable, now that you’re protected from yourself. YOLO.

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