WATCH: This Idiotic ‘Offline’ Beer Glass Is the Quickest Way To Drown Your Cell Phone

So advertisers in Brazil have decided that they’re tired of seeing bar patrons tapping away at their phones more often than they’re talking face-to-face to other bar patrons, and thus, they invented this “offline beer glass.” Basically, it has an iPhone-shaped chunk cut out of its base, so it can only stand if your phone is resting beneath it as a crutch, which is allegedly supposed to discourage you from picking up your device while hanging out/drinking.

Unfortunately, it also looks like the fastest way to slosh beer all over phone, thus rendering it totally unusable. So if that’s this ad agency’s secret, dependent-on-drunkenness motive, then Brazil’s gorgeous people are on their way back to way flirting via eye contact and its pale, lumpy, misshapen tourists are on their way back to using actual paper maps to get around.

Behold the genius below.

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