Oh Jesus, There Are New Ramen Burgers Coming Your Way

Crogels? New ramen burgers? What’s next – ramen Crogel burgers??

The creator of the ramen burger, Keizo Shimamoto, can’t stop won’t stop on expanding his line of ramen burgers. This time, he’s asked his fellow Smorgasburg vendors to get in on the action by creating their own ramen burger mashups. And the results are … intriguing. What do we have here:

The Adobo Shack Ramen Burger, made with heritage breed pork
The Lonestar Empire Ramen Burger, made with brisket
A breakfast-sandwich style ramen burger

Are these going to be showing up at Smorgasburg anytime soon? Because, in the words of Shimamoto on his blog, “Okay, this could start to get out of hand. LOL.” Erm, yes it could. Haven’t we had enough ramen burger rip-offs?!


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