Ohio is Getting Paulie Gees Before Manhattan Does, and More You Missed This Weekend

Vice Munchies

A restaurant in china is delivering noodles via fighter jet, but it’s about way more than that.

Grub Street

Bad news: you can no longer get your popcorn and your vibrators from the same food truck.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.12.44 AM


Huffpost Taste

The classic internal battle of every McDonalds customer is now over: you don’t have to choose between a hamburger and a chicken sandwich. Introducing McTasters. You can now have a mini version of both, for $2.99 each. It’s your own McDonalds tasting menu.


Ohio, you are now better than Manhattan, at least in terms of your pizza. You’re getting your own Paulie Gee’s. You are so, so lucky.

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