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On Election Day, Obama Played Hoops With Chef Sam Kass

This is how much of a big deal White House Personal Chef Sam Kass is to his employer of five-plus years, Barack Obama: on the day of the presidential election, the commander-in-chief played a two-hour basketball game with some close friends and staffers, Chicago Bulls players Scottie Pippen and Randy Brown, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan…and Kass.

Obama Foodorama (which is probably very happy that the blog can exist for four more years) reported that Kass, a college basketball star and Obama’s personal chef since 2006, participated in the President’s traditional “good luck” game that he plays before every election day. Obama’s team won — though it’s not clear whether Kass was on his team — and, well, you know what happened next.

Reportedly, Obama didn’t play a game before his loss in the 2008 New Hampshire primary, and since then has refused to forgo a pickup game on election days. Obviously he won, and it’s all Sam Kass’s doing.

[Obama Foodorama]

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