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One Million Moms Director Compares Gay Family in Honey Maid Ad to Poison in Brownies

Honey Maid gave corporate trolling new meaning when they unleashed this retaliatory commercial spot shaming their detractors in response to backlash they got for portraying gay and multi-ethnic families in an earlier ad campaign.

“That’s how they decided to respond, and that’s fine. That’s their choice. Now we know where they stand,” said director of One Million Moms, Monica Cole, in an interview with Voactiv. “Now we know not to support Honey Maid, and we won’t be buying their products. We can vote with our wallets.”

One Million Moms (whose membership doesn’t actually reflect one million moms, rather, that number is considered “a goal”) was among the most vocal organizations to publicly decry the inclusion of gay parents in a campaign that declared “This is wholesome.”

“Even if part of the show has a good base as far as the plot line, if there’s anything added in it that we would find not appropriate, it’s kind of like a batch of brownies,” explained Cole of how showing gay parents, even in the context of a positive family unit, is harmful. “You put a little poison in it, you’re still not going to eat them. A little bit of poison can ruin the whole batch.”

(If you had trouble following that analogy: gay parents = poison, family = brownies.)

Thankfully, One Million Moms has a great reason to advocate in favor of marginalizing gay parents, and that reason is “because AIDS.”

When asked what’s wrong with the depiction of gay couples in the media, Cole says it’s bowing to the pressure of a minority that offends the majority, and presents a bad example for the nation’s children. But she and One Million Moms don’t hate gay people, she says; they act out of love.

“Love the sinner but hate the sin. It’s an unhealthy lifestyle choice—60% of those with AIDs are homosexual,” she says. “I know it’s a concern when they’re talking about intolerance, but when we’re not able to, as Christians, stand up for what we believe in then they’re being intolerant to our beliefs. Tolerance goes both ways.”

What’s that? We can’t talk about tolerance right now because out mouths are full of Teddy Grahams.


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