Osama Bin Laden-Themed Bars Popular in Brazil Thanks to ‘Local Goths and Rockers’

The World Cup is headed to Brazil this year, and the Summer Olympics will follow in 2016, so what bar-where-everyone-knows-your-name concept could have more global appeal than an Osama Bin Laden theme? …Oh. LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE.*

According to The Guardian, one bar in Sao Paulo opted for Bin Laden chic when the bar owner realized he bore a strong resemblance to the founder of al-Qaeda:

“When Osama bin Laden became the world’s most wanted man, appearing on TV screens around the world, one alarmed customer called the police to report he was lying low as a downtown barman.

Police arrived, laughed, and posed for pictures with him. He appeared on local TV and became a local celebrity. After he changed the name of the bar to cash in on his newfound fame, it became a hub for local goths and rockers. British blogger and Sao Paulo resident Andrew Creelman says the bar has become a home for metal fans, who spill out on to the pavement on weekends, listening to Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.”

How charming. And we have the local goths and rockers to thank for keeping him in business. The same Guardian report also notes at least a dozen other Bin Laden-themed bars in Brazil, some with lookalike owners of their own. Get excited, sports tourists, and probably don’t partake in heavy duty hallucinogens on your visit.

*except the Holocaust

[The Guardian]

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