WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Is Glad His Daughter Is Growing Up With A Jiu-Jitsu-Ass-Kicking Mom

VICE filmed a documentary short on Ottavia Bourdain’s formidable Brazilian jiu-jitsu career, and, buried amongst familiar tales of her daughter’s conception on the night Tony returned from filming in Beirut (where his life was significantly endangered), was a sweet, fatherly nugget from Anthony Bourdain on exposing his daughter to her mother’s ass-kicking ways. Said Tony:

“My daughter’s already into this. She loves going to Relson Gracie with her mom. My daughter’s six. The day will come when little Timmy in the next desk is going to pull her hair. And I like the idea that she’ll be able to fuck little Timmy up real bad. Jiu-jitsu-wise, she’s pretty familiar with a lot of principles; they work on arm bars together. I’m very happy that my daughter will be able to defend herself, and not be inclined to take any shit from boys, and later, with that kind of background, not be inclined to take any shit from men later in life. So, yeah, I’m very happy about that.”

Watch out, Timmys. Papa Bourdain will probably reinforce his daughter’s headlock from his rocking chair with a shotgun, should push come to shove.

You can check out the short in its entirety below.

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