Poll: What Should The New Bourdain Family Tattoo Be? Pork Chops Vs Winged Dicks?

Anthony and Ottavia Bourdain already have two sets of matching tattoos: the chef’s knife they had simul-inked on their shoulders after their first few dates, and the snakes that appear on Anthony’s forearm just below his elbow and on Ottavia’s shoulder.

But, that pesky, buzzing itch all too familiar to tatt-icts is starting to set in again, and it looks like it’s time for round three, per this tweet from Ottavia:


We have a sneaking suspicion that we, along with Big Gay Ice Cream duo/Bourdain family pets Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff, are Team Winged Dick.

But the rest of you sound off in the comments below: Team Pork Chop or Team Winged Dick?


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