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FOOD FEUD: Owner Of Different Carbone’s Might Burn Down Torrisi-Owned Carbone’s

We think Alessandro Last-Name-Unknown, the owner of Carbone Ristorante Italiano in Hell’s Kitchen, is cracking wise in this interview with Grub Street. We’re reeeeally sure that he has no feelings of violence towards Richard Torrisi and Mario Carbone, the owners of the new Carbone in Greenwich Village, just because people come to his restaurant expecting two handsome, young, celebrity chefs.

We say this because we believe in pacifism, harmony, and not going to federal prison:

“It’s a different place because I’m a real gladiator,” he continues. “Those guys — I don’t know. I find every day some Albanian, Romanian, whatever, and they say, ‘I’m Italian,’ and sometimes it’s fake.”

When Grub Street points out that the food at the new Carbone is Italian-American, as are its chefs, Alessandro is unfazed. “So, what you suggest?” he asks. “Get gasoline, go to the other Carbone, start a fire old mafia style? If it annoys me too much, we can do that.”

Ha, no, we hope, really, please don’t burn down any restaurants, but the mixup has led to some pretty good business for Alessandro’s Carbone’s. Even Gael Green accidentally ended up there, though she was grumpy for at least twenty minutes.

[Grub Street]

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