WATCH: Padma Lakshmi Declares Stefan ‘Such A Bullsh*tter’ On Top Chef Seattle

We love it when Padma gets a little tipsy at Judges’ Table. (See: her sass-finger last week, that blooper reel from the All-Stars reunion show where she slurs that she had “two gins and tonics,” etc.) On last night’s Top Chef: Seattle, she could barely bite her tongue waiting for Stefan to leave the room before declaring him “SUCH a bullshitter!” with regards to his wily chicken cordon bleu defense.

One would think we’d be surprised that not a single cheftestant managed to nail fried chicken during last night’s Elimination Challenge, but after learning in the season premiere that none of them know how to properly cook an omelette, nothing shocks us anymore. Josh Valentine won the fried chicken showdown mainly because he was the only chef to make actual fried chicken instead of some “spin” on it and/or a flavorless/soggy/greasy mess.

See the worst of the messes at Judges’ Table below, including Stefan’s not-fried-chicken, Brooke’s skinless disaster, and, as David Chang put it, Josie’s “gutbomb.”

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