WATCH: Padma To Anderson Cooper ‘You’re Obviously Not An Oral Kind Of Guy’

We’ve been known to come down on The Silver Fox’s picky, dare we say, childish eating habits before, but Padma Lakshmi bashed him something fierce as his co-host on today’s episode of Anderson Live.

The pair were discussing that guy who figured out a liquid nutrient shake than enables him to live healthily without ever consuming solid foods again (gross), and Anderson dreamily proclaimed that this was his ideal lifestyle.

“You’re obviously not an oral kind of guy,” Padma quipped about his void of culinary pleasures. “I have to ask Kathy Griffin, I guess.”

Daaaamn, son. Ya got burnt.

Check out the clip below.

Bonus clip: Padma took a moment to simply, skillfully, and matter-of-factly explain endometriosis, a condition from which she suffers, and its treatment options to men who might be living with women suffering from it too in her very best put-on mommy voice, which led us to two thoughts: 1. She must be the best ever mom-to-a-four-year-old-girl, and 2. Can we get her in front of Congress, please, to explain how babies are made?

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