Health Tips From Padma Lakshmi: Don’t Drink A Bottle Of Champagne Daily

Oh, to be Padma Lakshmi. To look beautiful forever! To host Top Chef! To sell fancy jewelry and scar accessories! To fabulously drink all sorts of alcohols, all day, every day! Sorry to crush your fantasies, but Padma does have limitations on her drinking habits. (Yes, contrary to what Salman Rushdie might think, she is human.)

As she told The Daily Meal during a V-8 promotional event, she revealed that some of her secrets to looking good involved the normal things — a good makeup artist, sleeping, eating well, and, of course drinking:

She didn’t specify exactly what we should be drinking plenty of, so we suggested drinking a bottle of champagne daily in order to look and feel your best.

“I’d be looking very different if I drank a bottle of champagne every day!,” she responded.

Wine, however? Wine is cool. Wine has antioxidants, and the anti-aging compound resveratrol. (And that’s how Padma stays young forever.)

[The Daily Meal]

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