Padma Lakshmi Says: Give Me An Emmy And You Can Lick My Spoon

Hm? What’s that you’re saying about the 2012 Emmy nominations, Padma Lakshmi? We, uh, think you got a little chocolate on your wrist there. Would you like a paper towel? You might get some ganache on your cleavage.  And what were you making that requires such a big spoon? Stop licking yourself, that’s unsanitary.

Wait! You want an Emmy for being an Outstanding Host For A Reality or Reality-Competition Program? Come on, Top Chef already has two Emmys for for Reality Competition Programming.  We don’t understand why you’re playing with all this chocolate instead of doing something useful with it, like making us a cake. Maybe if we got a cake, we’d nominate you for an Emmy. Sure beats us trying to understand why you’re licking yourself.

(Yeah, this photo came out years ago for GQ, but this is how Emmys are won. Hollywood is a heckuva town.)

[via @BravoAndy Twitter]

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