comScore WATCH: Padma Lakshmi's Mom Throws Serious Shade

WATCH: Padma Lakshmi Explained by Mom Throwing Shade to the World

Don’t get us wrong – we love a good Top Chef, we love a good Padma Lakshmi. But there was always a small part of us that just didn’t really get Lakshmi. Sure she’s beautiful, sure she can go on and on about food, but… that was sort of it for us. (Minus her baller guest appearance on 30 Rock – she probably did invent the sandwich bag, for all we know.) Now, after her appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, we kind of get it — it boils down to mommy issues.

Besides the ridiculous feather earring hanging from Fallon’s earlobe (erm, why?), Lakshmi’s appearance was pretty mundane, all guests considered. They can’t really pronounce New Orleans when talking about Top Chef — N’awlins? New ORleans? — and they talk about Questlove’s stint as a guest judge in the fried chicken quickfire. (QuestLove is the only guest judge we’d ever want to see on Top Chef.) Fallon runs out the idea of a “Jimmy Fallon slow cooker,” which is in fact brilliant.

But then we get a shot of Mama Lakshmi standing next to a Top Chef subway ad, and man can she throw some serious shade. Padma insists that’s her happy face, and lets in one single truth about her mama’s critical outlook “That’s why I have so many jobs.” Well of course it is. You’d be scared shitless to get a job if your mom looked at you like that. (JK, Lakshmi and fam — she is obviously sweet and it’s adorable that she even took a photo of your subway ad, because that’s a proud mama when her daughter is gracing New York City’s public transit.)

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