Padma Lakshmi: Food Personalities Like Bobby Flay ‘Aren’t Interesting To Me’

Padma Lakshmi recently sat down with Playboy for their 20 Questions series. Here’s what she had to say about the cult of personalities surrounding chefs.

I think [Rachael Ray is] really nice, and we don’t have a beef. With all these channels, there’s room for all of us. If you like catfish noodling, there’s a channel for you. But TV food personalities aren’t interesting to me. Bobby Flay, I’m sure, is a great guy, but I don’t watch him. I don’t watch Iron Chef. I don’t even watch Top Chef, to be honest. It freaks me out sometimes how obsessed people are with the show. I appreciate the audience, certainly, but there seems to be no middle ground. Either they’ve never heard of the show or they’re obsessed. I’m somewhere in between. What I love about Top Chef is it doesn’t define me.

So what does that make Padma?

What I am is an excellent taster. I have an incredibly sensitive palate, which is why I can do what I do. If you saw me chop an onion, you would be highly unimpressed. But if I taste a dish, I can usually replicate the ingredients. And if I kissed you, I could probably tell what you had for lunch.


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