Padma To Ellen: ‘I Know You Have A Weakness For Blondes, But You Never Know…’

Padma Lakshmi stopped by The Ellen Degeneres Show today to show off one of her go-to Top Chef detox dishes and her signature “fairy water.” How Padma managed to get through a cooking segment without of dying of laughter on the studio floor in the midst of Ellen’s goofing around, we’ll never know. But she gets mad props for soldiering through it.

“Fairy water” is Padma’s own personal concoction of accoutrements added to ice water in an effort to sex it up and encourage her friends to drink more. Water. To drink more water. We’ll ignore for a moment that Padma cooked water in her demo, because it obviously came with hilarious results.

“Nothing like sexing up water,” Ellen remarked. And then she had a sip: “That is sexy!”

“Don’t you feel sexy already?” Padma asked hopefully. “‘Cause you look about a million bucks. I know you have a weakness for blondes, but you never know…”

And now we know how to successfully flip/entrap lovers of blondes: fairy water.

Check out the clip below.

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