WATCH: Padma Lakshmi Braves Sandy To Appear On Empty Jimmy Fallon Set


The Roots are not without humor; they played Padma Lakshmi in for her guest appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night with the Grease classic “Oh, Sandy.” In what was clearly an utterly novel occurrence, Jimmy Fallon pressed forward with whatever guest list he could muster for his late night show to a completely empty house. Presumably, they turned away any audience members who came by for safety reasons, but the show itself went on from 30 Rock in what proved to be a pretty genius intimate, cozy setting without all the audience noise.

Padma had just barely gotten out of Florida, where she was stumping for President Obama (“doing god’s work,” as she put it), before Hurricane Sandy struck, but safely to the island she returned.

Of course, between traveling and weathering a massive Nor’eastercane, stylists were a bit of a hassle, so Padma did her best to dress herself up. Thigh-high suede boots make jeans and a sweater a TV-ready outfit right? In any case, she joked, she was ready to wade the floodwaters in her highly protective survival stilettos (they did cover like 3/4 of her leg).

But what to talk about besides this boring old hurricane? Well, how about the fact that Padma’s two-and-a-half year old begged to dress up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween, and — wait for it — insisted that Padma dress up as her hype girl.

Check out Parts One and Two of the interview below for Lakshmi Family Halloween photos and Padma’s best Wolfgang Puck impression.

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