WATCH: Padma Lakshmi Channels Her Inner Don Draper

Padma Lakshmi sat in for Dr. Nancy Snyderman, alongside Star Jones and Donny Deutsch, on this morning’s Today’s Professionals panel, and weighed in on hot topics with all the aplomb of a Real Expert.

On JCPenney’s apology ad: “The reason I like it is because what they were accused of when they changed their strategy is alienating their core customer. That ad — even the maternal tone of the narrator and the images that you see are so intimate — that’s what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to reestablish that intimacy.”

On Google Glass: “I would be curious [to use it]…Well, I already have lost my privacy and so people already [take photos and video of me], they just get money for doing it. I think what this will do is change the way we think of privacy, because if everyone is the subject of this kind of surveillance, then our very notion of privacy is different. It’s already happening with Google Maps.”

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