WATCH: Padma Lakshmi Weighs In On The Petraeus Scandal


The Today Show invited Padma Lakshmi to fill in for Dr. Nancy Snyderman, alongside ad exec Donny Deutsch, and attorney-at-law Star Jones, on the panel of Today’s Professionals. Padma’s professional value is obvious, is it not? Professional Bravo-lebrity! Professional attractive person! Professional go-go boot wearer! (Seriously, homegirl is rocking a fly pair of statement kicks in this segment.)

Of course, the question that took up four of the fives minutes allotted to the segment was Petraeus Love Pentagon-centric: “Do you think this kind of conduct is disqualifying for people who hold high office?”

While Donny maintained that we should stop being surprised when people in power attract groupies, and Star Jones relied implicitly on the military statute outlawing adultery, Padma fell back on her area of expertise: clumsy metaphor.

In essence, the comparison she made was something to the effect of: if I stole your TV, and there’s a warrant out to search my home for the TV, and I let the officers in, and, whether or not I had the TV, the officers noticed my dirty kitchen, and all they could talk about was how dirty it was? WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT MY KITCHEN?

While we’re considerably distilling her rambling sentiment, written out like that, it’s actually a decent metaphor. It didn’t, however, quite land as she delivered it. See: a real reaction shot of Star and Donny’s faces while she’s talking.

Check out the clip below.

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For comparison, Anthony Bourdain was also asked to weigh in on the Petraeus scandal last night on Piers Morgan Tonight. You can find his succinct, CNN-quality polished answer around 2:24.

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