Page Six Tries to Bust Giada De Laurentiis For Spitting Out Food On TV Show


It’s a classic tale: media tries to slam woman for her weight, and therefore must find some juicy gossip to back up that claim. Too bad Page Six decided to ignore common sense and the ways of food TV shows to back up their claim that Giada De Laurentiis “spits out everything she cooks.”

That headline definitely has the shock value, but closer examination of the claim makes us go “oh, right.” From Page Six (bold emphasis ours):

But a source on her show tells us, “When Giada films her cooking show, she never eats. Never. When she is making drinks and food that she has to drink or eat, they have a dump bucket that is brought out the second they cut.” She spits it out, and then filming resumes, the source said.

“Sometimes when they are shooting her taking bites out of food like cake, they have an assistant take the bite (so you only see teeth and a mouth), and then they cut back to her taking an empty fork out of her mouth to resume filming.” The secret of why she is so skinny: “She does not eat at all while filming.” Other sources said it was commonplace to have a bucket on set for a food show.

Alright. So if we are to believe this source that she makes assistants eat her food for close-ups, that is an extreme method. And we do very much hope that that isn’t true. But again: spit buckets are normal. It’s like going to a wine or beer tasting, where spit buckets are also common. If you were to finish every last sip of what you’re poured, you will be falling-off-your-seat drunk and unable to actually taste anything.

So we love that De Laurentiis’ publicist gave the most basic explanation of why this shit isn’t all that out of the norm:

“Giada tapes sometimes three episodes in one day, and they do multiple takes on a close-up of her eating. She doesn’t always eat and swallow every time, since they can do sometimes six to 10 takes with three episodes a day, and that would be like eating six to eight meals a day.” …

So you know, normalcy may outweigh the crazy in this claim. When asked about staying trim last year by Glamour (because we love when women’s magazines focus on weight and weight only), De Laurentiis responded with the key word: moderation! Said De Laurentiis to Glamour, “I eat a little bit of everything I want, but not a lot of anything. If I overdo it one day, I won’t indulge the next.”

Nice try, Page Six.

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