With New App Panna, Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs Can Live In Your iPad Like Captured Sprites

Because regular old cooking apps weren’t enough: there’s now an app that, for a fee, a subscription, and some magic, will bring your favorite celebrity chefs onto your iPad to teach you how to cook real good.

Panna, a new app developed by a music industry veteran, not only has your everyday recipes and audiovisual food porn, but also exclusive videos of celebrity chefs guiding you through their favorite recipes. In this first issue (Panna updates six times a year), developer David Ellner has used his computer wizardry to capture Rick Bayless, Seamus Mullen, Anita Lo, Jonathan Waxman, and Nancy Silverton inside his iPad.

“I use chef’s cookbooks, and I found myself constantly wondering, ‘Am I doing this right?’” said Ellner to the New York Times about his new video cooking magazine. “I found myself sometimes being confused.”

The chefs have all been captured by the evil technomage filmed segments for Panna where they walk through some of their signature dishes; Lo, for instance, makes pork and chive dumplings, and Waxman dishes Thanksgiving advice in a way that “makes you feel comfortable about not being perfect.”

Even though you practice black magicks, Ellner…we’re sort of tempted by this idea? Particularly the part where you point out that these chefs will help you get your food to look exactly like it looks in the photo? Time to dabble in the Dark Arts.


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