Art Projects: How Long Till Pantone Food Pairings Are The New Eleven Madison Park Menu Grid?

Occasionally, we cheat on food with design. So, naturally we’re head-over-heels eye-lusting after this brilliant Pantone Pairings photo series from Minneapolis-based artist David Schwen, who’s showing off food’s best twosomes like Pantone color chips.

Who’s going to be the first restaurant to gank these for their menu design? The Eleven Madison Park grid is out; who says Pantone Pairings can’t be the next in? Check out the whole collection (with new pairings added regularly) here, and do not attempt to lick your screens. (We tried by accident.) Also, no word yet on whether design clients have started requesting their artwork in colors like “chicken and waffles.”

[h/t Huffington Post]

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