Tonight in Food TV: Anthony Bourdain Takes On Frito Pie on Parts Unknown

Okay, so maybe watching Anthony Bourdain bravely face a bowl of green chile is not the same as watching the series finale of Breaking Bad. That’s fair. We won’t judge you for watching how Walter White faces his ultimate demise (Or does he? We can’t decide, so many theories!) while Bourdain also hangs out in New Mexico on tonight’s Parts Unknown.

But in case you’re one of the two people in the world who “doesn’t get” Breaking Bad, then you can watch Bourdain try Frito Pie — that’s Hormel chili and buckets of cheese “dropped like a deuce” into a cut-open bag of Fritos — on tonight’s episode of Parts Unknown. Bourdain’s look of self disdain alone makes it worth it. “It feels like you’re hold a bag of warm crap in your hand,” he says of his “colonoscopy pie.” Will Frito Pie end Bourdain the way that ricin (maybe) ends Walter White? Check out the sneak peek below.

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Tonight in Food TV: Bourdain + Bull-Fighting on Parts Unknown

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