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WATCH: Anthony Bourdain’s Wishes Come True In The Congo

Sunday is the season finale of Anthony Bourdain’s CNN show Parts Unknown, in which he undertakes either a very brave or a very foolish trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In his blog, Bourdain admits that he went to the “relentlessly fucked over nation” to fulfill a childhood dream of taking a riverboat down the Congo River. “And for my sins, I got my wish.”

A few videos have since appeared on CNN highlighting exactly how fucked-over the Congo is, and the near-perils Bourdain and the Zero Point Zero team faced on the way — and yet, Bourdain remains the eternal literary/movie fanboy. Consider the following scenario, where his team furiously negotiates with local officials about how much they have to pay in taxes, and Bourdain decides to name his boat the Captain Willard, after this guy.


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