Famous French Pastry Chef Creates Desserts That Taste Like Perfume

A French pastry chef known for his world famous macarons is now exploring a different kind of pastry: tarts that evoke famous perfumes. Pierre Herme has partnered with his friend Jean-Michel Duriez, a perfumer at major French fashion houses, to create edible versions of classic fragrances.

The two also co-wrote a book about their quest to unite perfume and pastry, which talks about the similarities between baking and creating scents. Since many perfumes have notes of food-related fragrances, such as peach or vanilla, it wasn’t extremely difficult for Herme to interpret them into tarts. For example, the famous Rochas perfume “Femme” mixes scents like rose, peach, patchouli, moss and sandalwood. Herme then took the three dominant notes — peach, rose and spice — and created a Peach, Rose and Cumin tart.

The idea of taking inspiration from perfumes is not new for chefs; several of Herme’s past desserts were influenced by perfumes, and Paul Gagnaire once created a tasting menu based on the Hermes perfume “Terre d’Hermes”.

We’re interested to see if any other chefs decide to make perfume-inspired foods a trend, although we’re not sure anyone actually wants to find out what patchouli tastes like.

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