People Wait 3 Innings For Pat LaFreida’s Sandwich At Citi Field

Step aside, Shake Shack: you’re no longer the coolest thing to eat at Citi Field. Pat LaFreida’s steak sandwiches made their debut at the stadium last night, and people waited for up to three innings for the chance to try one.

The stand’s popularity is understandable; it’s the first time people other than friends and family will get to try the “moist and perfectly seasoned sandwich”. It costs $15, which may seem pricey, but this isn’t mere ballpark food. Each one is made to order, with filet mignon, Monterrey jack cheese, and caramelized onions on a toasted baguette. Sure, the hot dogs are easier to get, but this sounds like it’s worth waiting for.

The introduction of LaFrieda’s comes as part of Citi’s attempt to revamp the stadium’s food in the wake of their renovation. The sandwich joins Shake Shack’s burgers and Blue Smoke’s barbecue as some of the more upscale, better quality options. It may also be a move designed to out-do the Lobel’s steak sandwich availble at Yankee Stadium (which also costs $15).

The line may be long, but this is definitely the sandwich to get the next time you’re at a ball game. Besides, it’s the Mets. It’s not like you’re going to miss very much.

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